2014 Ridden Arabian Star Series Finals 
August 2014 at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre

Our very first Championship was an overwhelming success, with a packed audience, stunning horses and riders and a wonderful selection of prizes on offer from our very generous sponsors. Here are some photo's of our champions, Top Five winners, and sponsors. Many thanks to all of the contributing photographers. For more photo's from the Finals visit the Sweet Photography website at www.sweetphotography.com

Top Five Males:

From left to right: LVA Estopas Winter Storm, 
OAS Plashaal, 
Fattan, Eskapade and Calimeer

Sunday best...

Everyone took great care to ensure that RASS was the best it could possibly be

High Points male winner

TF Horus Bay ridden by Holly Cope


From left to right: Gold Champion: Sharrinah; Silver Champion: LVA Estopas Winter Storm; Bronze Champion: Scindinara 


Mary Fleming of Maline Arabians, ring steward Stephen McCormick and Tina Mattocks of The Arabian Magazine

Prizes Galore

Some of the many prizes awarded

Top Five Females:

From left to right: Sharrinah, SA Carmen, Om El Shabrina Dream, Scindinara and Shamila Amira (Young Rider Award)

High Points winners:

Kerry MacDougall, winner of the 40+ Rider Award, riding Ledarb Sharacz who was the female High Points Winner

Junior Rider Award

Shamila Amira ridden by Michaela Brand

With very many thanks to the photographers who provided the above images from the Finals featured on this page. Thanks to Sweet Photography, Brenda Marsh and Crispin Mould Photography for providing photo's for use on this site free of charge and thanks also to Dee Haggard.

Organising Committee and Judges of RASS 2014:

Stephen McCormick, (RASS Committee), Clare Fitch (Rass Organiser),  Domenica Fitch (RASS Committee), Louise Maryon (RASS organiser), Robert Armstrong (Ring Steward), Kate Davis (Ride/Performance judge) and Rebecca McCormick (Conformation judge).

Some experiences of RASS 2014...

Katie Davis, one of the two Finals judges:
"The RASS classes were new this year and what a fantastic idea. I judged performance at the finals, classes were filled with quality animals.I stipulated in the individual show that competitors should show a gallop. Many of the performances were fluent and ridden well however many lacked the gallop which I expected and I reflected this in my marks.
It was an honour to judge the finals classes and I believe it is the future for the ridden Arabian. The prize money and prizes awarded is unlike any other show which offers this in return for you competing in the classes and I believe it will be a prestigious title to win over the next few years. Well done to Louise Maryon and Clare Fitch for creating  these classes." 

Joyce Robertson on Michaela Brand riding Shamila Amira.
"Michaela just turned 12 on 11th June. This is her first season showing Amy under saddle. She qualified for the Ridden Arabian Star Series at the Scottish Group Show in June. 
It then took us two days to travel from Aberdeen to Addington (506 miles) for the final. Michaela felt both excited and nervous but thoroughly enjoyed the event and was very proud not only to be in the Top 10 but also to have been presented with a goodie bag from the UKIAHS for being the youngest rider. Lots of people gave her encouragement and wished her well. Ben Hester also calmed her nerves by saying he was nervous too.
She can't wait to try and qualify for next years final.

Ben Hester (Gold Champion, riding Isabel Gray's Sharrinah):
"The RASS championships were amazing. Fabulously run and the atmosphere felt like a top championship show. It was great to be part of such prestigious  event. And I'm proud to have gone supreme at the first ever championships." 

Alison Murray
“I travelled my horse all the way from Lanarkshire, Scotland to go to the RASS Final and I wasn’t disappointed. The Quality of horses and riders was very high, I loved the format and the Final was very well organized by Louise and Clare. To take part in something like for me was an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so glad I did it. My horse Psynatra didn’t put a hoof out of place, took it all in his stride and he did me proud, I enjoyed every minute of it. Winning the Best Dressed Groom Award was very exciting, as my horse got a mention after all, has to be one of the best things I have ever done, would love to do it all over again”

Lee Bennett & Harriet Podd (ALLE Arabians):
"We have to say we were a bit apprehensive about a new show being set up and didn't really know what it was going to be like, but we take our hats off to you! It was very well run, beautiful prizes, fantastic turnout, everybody made so much effort and it was a very pleasurable show to be a part of. With such fantastic turnout from everybody and a great atmosphere, the icing on the cake for us at ALLE Arabians was being able to produce LVA Estopas Winter Storm (Ralph) for his owner Susan Rose throughout the summer so to achieve the result of him being the highest placed male of the finals and also then taking the Silver Champion title was just a dream come true for all involved. We can firmly say we look forward to the RASS classes for 2015. Well done all involved."