'Career after Racing or Endurance' 

There's a lot of ex endurance and racers out there who we'd love to see at our Arab and Group shows. Real ambassadors of the breed who for whatever reason are no longer competing in their original career. Wouldn't it be great to see them in the ridden show ring?...
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C.A.R.E is.....

Inclusion into RASS Ridden classes for horses who have raced or been in full racing training or have competed or are competing at endurance at any level for at least one season.

Selected shows will have a special CARE sash to be awarded in the RASS class. The highest placed CARE horse in each RASS class will receive the sash. The selected shows will be listed as CARE participating classes both here on the website and on our Facebook page. There is also a high points CARE award and points are awarded in BOTH RASS & CARE classes.

Eligibility for CARE classes: Racers - to have been in training at a race trainers yard for a minimum of 2 months; Endurance - to have competed or currently competing at any level in endurance for at least one season. Eligible horses' RASS cards will be marked as CARE (as all other categories are) - make sure you tell us when you buy your card that your horse is a CARE horse.

Obviously sponsorship is the main factor along with support of these classes to help them succeed. If you would like to offer any sponsorship of ANY amount please contact us.

These classes are not RASS qualifiers, just an extra class for C.A.R.E horses. In RASS classes, horses will collect both RASS and C.A.R.E points.

C.A.R.E classes will be judged on the same basis as the RASS classes - please visit the Rules page for the full information on this. 

The C.A.R.E class at the British National Championships will be a RASS qualifier. The two highest placed (previously unqualified horses) placed within the top 4 at Malvern with a current RASS card, will qualify for the RASS 2016 finals. 

Questions? ...The answer might be below. For specific RASS rules please check the RASS rules page.

Q. Do I need to be a member of the AHS?
A. No.

Q. My horse has scars can I compete in a CARE class?
A. Yes.

Q. What about RASS classes?
A. Yes! Although injury scars are cosmetic whereas lumps and bumps may be more taken into account by (some) judges. However the classes are marked by 2 judges, both judges having 50 marks. If your ride marks are high (you will perform a set show) that will mean your ride marks may well balance out any (minor) marks you could lose.

Q.Can my CARE horse qualify for the RASS finals?
A.Yes if it is one of the highest four previously unqualified horses placed 1-4th in a RASS qualifier with a RASS ticket present.

Q. Can my CARE horse enter the other RASS categories, i.e owner/rider, 15+ horse, 40+ rider etc?
A. Yes, just add which categories you wish to enter when you purchase your RASS card.

Q. Could my CARE horse get a wildcard ticket to the RASS finals?
A. The RASS wildcard is awarded to the highest point unqualified horse (males & female) at the end of the season.If your CARE horse has contested RASS classes and is the highest placed unqualified horse at the end of the season, then it is eligible for the RASS wildcard. Points are collated automatically when show results are logged by the RASS committee.

Q.Can my horse qualify for RASS finals in a straight CARE class?
A.No only a RASS class.

Q.How do I know which RASS classes are special CARE classes?
A. The website, Facebook page will show which RASS classes are also CARE or the show may add it to the schedule.

Q. What tack should I wear?
A. This horse and Rider are beautifully turned out for CARE & RASS classes: s
hirt, tie, cream/beige/corn/canary breeches, brown/corn gloves, black boots and velvet hat (strapped). 

Remember these are the rules for eligibility for CARE classes: 
Racers - to have been in training at a race trainers yard for a minimum of 2 months; Endurance - to have competed or currently competing at any level in endurance for at least one season. 

For a full list of CARE classes at shows around the country this season, check the Rules and Qualifying Shows page.

What they say...

2015 RASS & CARE exhibitor Gaynor Rose.

"When my endurance mare suffered an injury which meant after rest she could come back into light work, but no endurance for a while and definitely no high mileage,  I looked at the Career after Racing or Endurance category of RASS & thought I'll try that.
Having never shown in my life under saddle I thought I'd better get some advice & few lessons too...... quick!  My first show was a bit wooden, but we qualified for the finals, but more circle practice was needed.
We entered CARE classes and also straight RASS classes too as we found a bit of courage & slowly improved throughout the year.  We went to Addington Finals in the RASS mares & didn't do too bad, but we won the highpoint mare award in CARE  category which was just amazing.
I am so very grateful for all the help & support offered from fellow competitors and officials too, being an endurance rider I wasn't sure of 'being accepted' or 'fitting in', but I had nothing to worry about at all.
The series is so friendly & encouraging to new competitors that I would recommend it to anyone. A huge bonus is the fabulous rosettes,  sashes & prizes, which there are so many of!"