Junior All Stars

...a new series of in hand qualifying classes for 1-3 year old and Purebred Arabian Horses, open to all exhibitors. To qualify for the FInals at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre in 2016, horses must have purchased a qualifying card from the RASS Committee. Horses not wishing to qualify for the Finals CAN still enter the classes, they just CANNOT qualify for the Finals without a qualifying card. 

How to qualify...
You must purchase a card and have it signed in the ring/or be listed as a purchased card on the facebook pages. 1-4th in All Stars or Junior All Stars classes at a a hosting show or 1st or 2nd in an inhand Arab class at a County or Royal Show. 

If you are competing the same in both Ridden and All Stars you need 2 cards (one for each section) or be listed on the Facebook pages by paying for a card. Cards can be purchased from the webiste by post with cheque, or paypal.

The rules of the classes....
Horses should be shown in a more relaxed manner than is accepted for ECAHO classes and display a 'softer' stand up than the Continental pose. No bagging is allowed in the collecting ring or during the class. However clapping and cheering along with crowd appreciation is encouraged. 
Classes are to be judged on the current Arab breed class format and may be judged by single judge comparative system or points - whichever the hosting show is using.
Handlers should make every effort to be as smartly attired as possible, with men wearing shirts and ties in classes and ladies avoiding sleeveless, backless and short tops.
Please read County and Royal schedules closely as they may state compulsory attire.
The Finals class at Addington will be judged on points. The champions can be any of the Top 5 horses brought forward.

Eligibility for Junior All Stars classes:

Judged on comparative system at shows however will be judged on points at the finals.

No bagging/rattling is allowed, but applause is welcome and encouraged.

Three year old colts MUST be bitted.

Qualifying horses must have a RASS card to be signed in the ring at time of qualification.

These classes are NOT ECAHO governed. The Class is NOT a UKIAHS qualifier. Horses wishing to qualify for UKIAHS classes must qualify through qualifying classes.

All exhibiting horses at finals must have up to date flu vaccination record. 

The Finals class will be judged on points. The champions can be any of the Top 5 horses brought forward.

For a list of all the shows holding qualifying P30 classes visit the Rules and Qualifying Shows page.

The finals will be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre 24-26 August 2018

What they say...

2015 Potential ridden star Judge Nicola Mellor.

"I was delighted to be asked to judge the performance section of the Potential Ridden star final 2015. An wonderful opportunity for young horses to experience the atmosphere of an International Arab Show, with the emphasis on their potential as a ridden horse. The horses forward were all potential stars and it was a hard task for Mr Harris and myself to select the winners as the standard of qualified horses was so high. Seeing the handlers, judges and officials in evening wear was also a particular highlight for me and I think it made the class very special. I very much hope the series continues to be supported by competitors with the ultimate aim of these horses becoming our Ridden Stars of the future.
Thanks Louise and Clare"

Leyla Green, 2015 P30 exhibitor

"Being a complete newcomer to the Arabian showing world the thought of training and showing my own youngster in hand was a daunting task,  but one I was determined to do. The introduction of the P30 classes meant this was something I was not only able to realise, but also to excel in.
I qualified for the RASS Finals at our first ever show which was just amazing. This then   Meant we were able to compete at Addington which was an amazing experience. we have made so many new friends and met so many lovely people at all the shows we have done this year it really has been good- I was gutted thinking next year it was either ECAHO or nothing so was very pleased when you announced the ALL Stars!! It has been a fantastic experience that we have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of - I am definitely looking forward to being able to continue with the All Stars Series next year!"

2015 Gold Champion Shamarah,
owned and bred by Peter Wainwright