'All Stars'

The new RASS ALL STARS in hand series

The new qualifying in hand classes for Purebred Arabians aged 4 and over.

...a new series of in hand qualifying classes for 4 year old and over Purebred Arabian Horses, open to all exhibitors. To qualify for the FInals, horses must have purchased a qualifying card from the RASS Committee. Horses not wishing to qualify for the Finals CAN still enter the classes, they just CANNOT qualify for the Finals without a qualifying card. 

How to qualify...

You must purchase a card and have it signed in the ring/or be listed as a purchased card on the facebook pages. 1-4th in All Stars or Junior All Stars classes at a a hosting show or 1st or 2nd in an in hand Arab class at a County or Royal Show. 

If you are competing the same in both Ridden and All Stars you need 2 cards (one for each section) or be listed on the Facebook pages by paying for a card. Cards can be purchased from the webiste by post with cheque, or paypal.

The rules of the classes....

Horses should be shown in a more relaxed manner than is accepted for ECAHO classes and display a 'softer' stand up than the Continental pose. No bagging is allowed in the collecting ring or during the class. However clapping and cheering along with crowd appreciation is encouraged. 
Classes are to be judged on the current Arab breed class format and may be judged by single judge comparative system or points - whichever the hosting show is using.
Handlers should make every effort to be as smartly attired as possible, with men wearing shirts and ties in classes and ladies avoiding sleeveless, backless and short tops.
Please read County and Royal schedules closely as they may state compulsory attire.
The Finals class will be judged on points. The champions can be any of the Top 5 horses brought forward.

To purchase your card for 2018 click here.

The finals will be held at Addington Manor Equestrian Centre 24-26 August 2018

RASS ALL STARS points Categories

Categories are free to enter. Points are gained by entering classes and the places achieved during the show season. 

  • Owner Handler
  • Owner Breeder 
  • Young Handler (under 18) 
  • 40+ Handler
  • 15+ Horse   

Eligibility for Junior All Stars classes:
Handlers must be member of Arab Horse Society (Bronze Level minimum).

Classes will be judged on the horses potential as a future ridden horse. 

Judged on comparative system at shows however will be judged on points at the finals.

Horses may wear an in hand bridle or a snaffle ridden bridle (not yearlings) with plain/velvet browband and a more relaxed stand up pose will be sought. Three year old colts must wear a bit.

No bagging/rattling is allowed, but applause is welcome and encouraged.

Three year old colts MUST be bitted.

Qualifying horses must have a RASS card to be signed in the ring at time of qualification.

These classes are NOT ECAHO governed. The Class is NOT a UKIAHS qualifier. Horses wishing to qualify for UKIAHS classes must qualify through qualifying classes.

All exhibiting horses at finals must have up to date flu vaccination record. 

The Finals class will be judged on points. The champions can be any of the Top 5 horses brought forward.

Questions? The answer will probably be here...

What is it?
New non ECAHO in hand classes for 4 years old and over registered pure bred Arabian horses.

Who can show in them?

Are they just for amateurs?

Are they just for professionals?

How does it work? / where can I qualify?
The classes are in hand classes, they are non ECAHO and a 'softer' pose is required from the horses being shown.There should also be no bagging in the collecting rings or while horses are being shown.
Stallions must be bitted and all horses must be adequately bridled.
You can qualify by being placed 1st or 2nd at ANY COUNTY or ROYAL show in a 4 year old and over Purebred Arab class.YOU WILL NEED TO PURCHASE A CARD FROM RASS AND GET IT SIGNED IN THE RING BY THE JUDGE TO QUALIFY. You can also qualify in an ALL STARS class at a C or Group show - top four to qualify (Participating shows listed below).

Can I still show in the classes if I don't buy a card?
Yes - you just can't qualify

What do I qualify for?
The championship Finals class in 2018

How much are cards?

Where can I buy one?
Click on the 'buy a card' page at the top of the website.

What should I wear?
Please try and be as smart as possible - especially at Royal and County shows (many require hats to be worn by all handlers) remember you are 'showcasing the Arabian breed to the non Arab horse public'.